Messages from the Superintendent

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of October 16th.  These conferences are a valuable opportunity for parents to connect with teachers to gain insight into their child’s progress, ask their child’s teacher questions, and collaborate to support their child’s academic and personal growth.  We have put together a list of tips that help you make the most out of this time:

1. Prepare Ahead of Time: Before the conference, take some time to reflect on your child's strengths, as well as any concerns you may have. Create a list of questions or topics you'd like to discuss with the teacher. 

2. Attend with an Open Mind: Be open to feedback and suggestions from the teacher. Remember that both you and the teacher share a common goal: the success and well-being of your child. A collaborative and open-minded approach is essential.

3. Share Insights About Your Child: Share information about your child's interests, hobbies, and any recent changes or challenges they may be facing at home. This context can help the teacher better understand your child's needs.

4. Discuss Goals and Strategies: Work with the teacher to set achievable goals for your child's academic and personal development. Ask about strategies and resources that you can use to support these goals at home.

5. Share Information with Your Child: After the conference, take the time to discuss the meeting with your child. Share the highlights and any action steps you plan to take together. 

6. Maintain Open Communication with Your Child’s Teacher: Continue to communicate with your child’s teacher throughout the year to monitor progress and see how you can best support his or her learning at home. Your child's needs may change throughout the year, so be flexible and willing to adapt strategies and goals as necessary.

7. Ask About Resources and Support: Inquire about any additional resources, tutoring, or support services available to help your child. Teachers can provide valuable insights into these opportunities.

8. Attend Even if Everything Is Going Well: Don't skip conferences just because your child is doing exceptionally well. These meetings are a chance to celebrate achievements and stay informed about your child's progress.

In conclusion, parent-teacher conferences are an essential part of your child's educational journey. By approaching them with a positive and collaborative mindset, you can build strong partnerships with your child's teachers and create an environment where your child can thrive academically and personally.  Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child's education. We care about your child’s success, and we want to work with you to ensure he/she has an outstanding year!


Dr. Jami Jo L. Thompson

Superintendent, Norfolk Public Schools