Messages from the Superintendent

NPS Strategic Planning Sessions -- February 25-27, 2018

The last week in February, 35 individuals came together at the Norfolk Public Schools Administration Building to strategically plan for the future at Norfolk Public Schools.  Planning sessions were led by consultant Dr. Larry Dlugosh over 3 consecutive days for a combined total of 14 hours. The strategic planning team was a collaboration of community members, retired teachers, teachers and guidance counselors, school staff, administration, parents, students, board of education and school foundation members.

During the first day of the planning, Superintendent Dr. Jami Jo Thompson informed the group that all the goals originally set in 2013 have been fully reached.   The 2013 goals were:

  1. NPS will implement and communicate a curriculum that is scoped, sequenced and aligned with state and national standards.

  2. NPS will expand career awareness activities and provide course offerings in all 6 Career Cluster areas.

  3. NPS will implement a comprehensive integration of technology for all students.

  4. All students will demonstrate improved academic performance on grade level achievement tests.

The strategic planning team, then, received an in-depth update from NPS Administration regarding the current status of the district in regard to enrollment, facilities, academic achievement, curriculum/ target based learning, human resources, accreditation, and school safety.  The team was charged with the task of evaluating this information and creating a list of 3-5 goals for the school district that can be measurable and achievable in the next 5-7 years. These goals were presented to the Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education for their review and consideration.  

In the end, the Board approved the following goals to guide our district over the course of the next 5-7 years as we strive to provide all students with outstanding educational opportunities that prepare them to pursue their goals for the future:

Strategic Planning Goals:

1. By Fall of 2020, NPS will enhance and effectively use its comprehensive safety plans and procedures.

2. By Fall 2021, NPS teachers (preK-12) will implement and use target-based instruction and grading as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

3. By Fall 2023, NPS will, through research-based program development and community collaboration, assure all children entering kindergarten have had opportunities for early childhood experiences that enable them to transition successfully to kindergarten.

Academic/Accreditation Goal:

All students will demonstrate improved academic performance on grade level achievement tests.

It is the vision of Norfolk Public Schools to be a top-performing school that provides outstanding educational opportunities for every student and is a source of pride and an asset to our community.

The mission of Norfolk Public Schools is to prepare all students to pursue their goals for the future.