Professional Growth

As required by state law, certified staff members shall show evidence of on-going professional growth in order to remain eligible for continued employment. The minimum standard for professional growth includes the completion of six semesters of college credit or the equivalent (as determined by the school board) every six years.

Norfolk Public Schools supports the professional growth of its staff by offering high-quality professional development opportunities each contract year that are considered equivalent to one credit hour of college credit. Participation in all district-level professional development opportunities, including workshops and Professional Learning Communities, is determined to meet or exceed the requirements of this policy and state statue (79-830)

 Any certified staff member who is absent on a district professional development day shall complete a Professional Development Make-Up Plan, approved by his/her building principal and/or director, in order to meet the requirements of this policy and state statute. The Professional Development Make-Up Plan may include alternatives such as, but not limited to, educational workshops/conventions, professional reading and discussion, completion of educational webinars, work on approved educational committees, service on an external school improvement advisory team, professional presentations, and/or service as a cooperating teacher.