Welcome to the Norfolk Public School's compensation page for Substitute Teachers and Substitute Classified staff.  The Board of Education periodically reviews the substitute compensation format and needs of our district with a desire to keep a competitive pay structure in place.  Our substitute staff are a valued part of Norfolk Public Schools and provide much needed assistance fulfilling the many needs in our district.


  • Local Teacher Sub            $131/day
  • Certified Teacher Sub      $151/day
  • Long Term Teacher Sub   $205/day
    • Certified Only/20+ days in same position
  • Retired NPS Teacher       $161/day
  • Retired NPS Teacher Long Term Sub $210/day
  • $150 Bonus awarded for 20 days worked per semester for Local, Certified, and NPS Retired Teachers / does not include those who qualify for the long term teacher sub pay


  • Regular Education Paraeducators current base pay for a Para 1
  • Special Education Paraeducators current base pay for a Para 2
  • 40 cent and 80 cent per hour bonus awarded to Classified substitutes that work 20 days and 40 days per semester