College and Career Readiness Week

Norfolk High School held events throughout the week for students related to college and career readiness. On Monday, the 17th, staff wore shirts or colors from their colleges and were encouraged to talk to students about their college experiences. Former NPS graduates were also invited to speak to students regarding the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) on Monday.

Tuesday, October 18th, students had the opportunity to have “lunch with the pros”. Several business and organizational representatives were on site during the lunch period to visit with students about their career paths. 

Wednesday, October 19th, the ‘N’ployability Skills were announced throughout the day. The ‘N’ployability Skills are composed of skills and understandings identified by Nebraska businesses and industry as the most essential skills sought after by employers in our state and nationwide. Intentionally helping students develop these skills and understandings is a big part of how we can help prepare them to pursue goals in the future. 

Finally on Thursday, October 20th, the Norfolk High School Guidance Department held an event for seniors called “Apply2College.” College representatives and guidance counselors assisted seniors with applications for admission to college. Career Academy sophomores got to participate in “Reality Check” with Midwest Bank. Reality Check assigns each student a career, a salary, and a checkbook. Moreover, these sophomores are randomly assigned a marital status and up to three children.  Students are then released into the gym where a mock community awaits. The community includes approximately 20 separate booths full of local business men and women who are eager to teach lessons on just how far a dollar can go.