Jill Hoffart Receives Excellence in Education Award

The 2021-2022 recipient of the Dr. Frank Turk Excellence in Education Award is Ms. Jill Hoffart. This recognition award was created for educators in the community who have made significant contributions to the improvement of education for students in Nebraska who are deaf or hard of hearing. The award is in honor of Dr. Frank Turk, former NCDHH Board member, with nearly half a century of experience in leadership and education roles ranging from Gallaudet University, a State Director in North Carolina, to a Superintendent position.

Jill Hoffart is the Deaf Education Coordinator for students who are deaf or hard of hearing for the Northeast Regional Program. Jill has decades of experience working in the education system and with students. Jill has dedicated her time to ensure families who may have little to no access to individuals in the deaf community, are provided activities, role models and interaction with the Deaf community. Many of the families Jill has help have maintained contact with her beyond their child’s education. Several of her former students are now Deaf/Hard of Hearing teachers. Jill has also provided continuous professional development for sign language interpreters by engaging highly qualified, fluent ASL members of the deaf community to provide sign language instruction. 

NCDHH Board Chair, Candice Arteaga, champions the work and time Hoffart has put into the classroom throughout her career. “Congratulations to Jill Hoffart on winning Dr. Frank Turk Excellence in Education award. What an accomplishment!” Arteaga said. “She has been serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children for almost 30 years. We appreciate your dedication to the children and your projects. Ms. Hoffart, we wish you every success. To other candidates, you are honored by your peers and we have recognized your hard work. Please keep that up.”