Award for Excellence Winner for March 2021

Heidi Korth, Junior High Attendance/Discipline Administrative Assistant, is our winner of the NPS Award for Excellence for March 2021.

Thank you, Heidi Korth, for your dedication, hard work, and service to our students, staff, and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts from some of the submitted narratives of Mrs. Korth's nomination:

  • Heidi is one of the backbones of the Junior High, she is so organized, and so kind to everyone who asks her thousands of questions per day.
  • Heidi is a great asset to our school. She manages her duties really well, assists teachers in any way possible, helps the office run smoothly, and encourages students to become better individuals when brought in for disciplinary issues.
  • Being a teacher in a new school is very intimidating, especially when that school is so much larger and does things so differently than the last school where I taught. Heidi was a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. She helped me fill in information on paperwork, student referrals, and other documents. She always answered my questions no matter how ridiculous it was, with kindness and understanding. Even without all the extra help she provided me with personally, the amount of things she has done for our school is overwhelming. She is always in the know and assists with anything someone might need. She encompasses so many of the “reasons to be nominated” items. And these are just the ones I know about this year. If she has been this amazing for me in one school year, I can only imagine the wonderful things she has done over the years for everyone here and for the district.
  • Heidi is one of the most positive, competent and hardworking people I know at the NJHS! She never is too busy to help with any situation and/or question. Heidi is definitely one of the shining starts at the NJHS!
  • Heidi is the glue that holds the Jr. High together. Her positivity seems to know no bounds, even as the neediest teachers (me) continue to make demands of her time. I know no one person who personifies the attributes of initiative, professionalism and excitement for their often thankless job the way Heidi does. The district needs to seriously consider hiring three people to fill her position.
  • Heidi is everything this award stands for! Her school spirit thrives everyday. She goes the extra mile to help every staff member. She is always positive no matter how negative the person or situation. She maintains constant professionalism. She helps our community every year with a giving tree in the office to help out a local organization. Heidi is everything a Norfolk Panther should represent.
  • The task of administrative assistant is all-encompassing; however, Mrs. Korth goes well beyond her duties to assist faculty and students. Her devotion to the students and the overall good of the school is revered and admired by all who know her. She has been a blessing to all who interact with her daily, and we’ll miss her when she’s enjoying her retirement.

Heidi received her award at the Board of Education meeting that was held on Monday, March 8, 2021.

Please congratulate Heidi on this well-deserved award!