Norfolk Career Academy Adds John Deere Excavator Simulator

The success of the Norfolk Career Academy at Norfolk High School hinges on the support and participation of our local higher education and business partners. Our partners assist in realizing the many objectives established within the Norfolk Career Academies. One of those primary objectives is to provide students with resourceful and creative opportunities to learn in their career interest area.  We are excited to share that through the partnership with the Rudolph Elis Fund and Teri and Stu Bauer, as well as the expert guidance of John Deere, Bauer Underground, Murphy Tractor, Porter Construction and the members of the Construction Academy Advisory Team, the Norfolk Career Academies have added a John Deere Excavator Simulator to the Skilled and Technical Science department.   

The addition of the simulator will allow for efficient student training in an environment that is a safe and realistic alternative to the real piece of equipment, offering a true-to-life experience that familiarizes students with the safety, realistic operator controls and practical operator skills. The John Deere Excavator Simulator includes student lessons in learning basic controls, arc swipe, loading and unloading from the trailer, trenching, bench loading, pipe placement, test weight and an obstacle course called “Excavator Rodeo”.  Student members of several academies will get the opportunity to learn practical work-based learning skills on the simulator. 

  • Construction Academy students will learn to implement all of the lesson simulations.
  • Automotive Academy students enrolled in the Power and Energy course will use the simulator when learning how hydraulics are used within the industry.
  • Metals Academy students will utilize the simulator when learning the process of trench digging to lay pipe that is to be welded. 
  • Agriculture Academy students will use the simulator to identify how land managers use equipment to shape the topography during the Plant and Soil Science course.