Aftershock students interviewed local veterans and published legacy books.

 The Legacy Books Club was created with the mission to document the heroic actions of those who so generously served their country. This book will stand as a living symbol of honor and patriotism displayed by the veteran and so many others who dedicated a part of their life to defending our freedoms. With this mission in mind, the students of the Norfolk Junior High Aftershock Legacy Book Club worked diligently in order to preserve this memory for future generations of the veteran’s family to keep for years to come. Along with the remembrance of their military service, students took action to record the veteran’s personal life and successes. Within this includes the veteran’s family, career accomplishments, and social interests and hobbies. Learning who this veteran is and ensuring that future generations know him, is as important to us as recording his military service.Through this process, the students personally got to sit down and converse with the veteran, and learn about their proudest moments.

Students were equipped with some background knowledge. They received instruction on the different branches of the military and ranking order from Jesse of the National Guard. They also were made aware of some of the challenges they might incur during their interview process. Students were educated on PTSD, Dementia, and Alzheimer's.

The books will be printed by a local printing company, and families will receive one published book and have an opportunity to purchase additional copies if they wish.

Aftershock is an after-school program for NPS students in grades 5-8.  The Legacy Books project was funded by a Daycos4Good grant. Several Junior High students participated in the Legacy Books Project.