Jefferson Hour of Code at Daycos

Third and fourth grade students from Jefferson visited Daycos in December to learn about coding in the real world. Jefferson has participated in an Hour of Code for the last three years. Each year in December, all students at Jefferson get the opportunity to code for at least one hour. Students have used problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration to solve coding puzzles. The field trip to Daycos allowed students to see coding in a real life application. Third grade students picked the color for a Daycos website page and then helped to write the code for the page. Fourth grade students decided on a button to add to the Daycos website and helped write the code for the page. Students were able to ask questions and meet some of the Daycos programmers and software engineers. This was a great opportunity for students to see how the Hour of Code could translate into a career. Thank you to Brandon and Tammy Day and Steve Groetken for providing students with this opportunity.