Purchasing Supply Chain Alert: Lettuce

Due to significant shortages from producers of lettuce, our main food supplier, Cash-Wa, has not received the inventory needed to support volume to all customers. Cash-Wa is only receiving about 16% of the total volume ordered and this is expected to continue to decline. This will impact Lunchtime’s ability to offer lettuce on our fruit and veggie bars and salad entrees.

Recent and severe weather conditions including hurricanes and droughts, along with quality issues, are contributing to an extremely low supply of lettuce throughout the United States. Virus and diseased fields have also caused issues for growers, and it has drastically shifted availability.  This shortage will impact all food industries.  Supplies of lettuce will be limited if at all available, and the shortage is expected to last for several weeks. 

We will do our best to supply lettuce as an option, but we fully expect there will be multiple days, possibly weeks, that it will not be available.  Once supply is no longer limited and quality is good, we will add the lettuce options back for students on a regular basis.