November 2022 Award of Excellence Winner

NPS is pleased to announce that Brittany Newland, Health Tech, Washington Elementary School, is the winner of the Award for Excellence for November 2022.

Thank you, Brittany Newland, for your dedication, hard work, and service to our students, staff, and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts from some of the submitted narratives of Mrs. Newland's nomination:

  • Brittany is a team player and works hard to create a positive working environment. She treats all of the students, parents, and staff with respect. Brittany loves and cares for all of the students in our building like her own. She is very knowledgeable and qualified for her job. We love having her in our building and we would be lost without her.
  • Brittany is amazing! She is positive and kind. Brittany not only helps in the nurse's office but she also helps throughout the entire building. She is very flexible and more than willing to help out whenever needed. Brittany is very patient with our students, she interacts and builds relationships with our kids. She catches on to things very easily and gets things done in a very timely fashion. She is committed to her job and very professional.
  • I have never seen her respond with anything other than kindness when approached by a student or staff member. She is amazing at her job, organized, efficient, and always smiling. We are so lucky to have her here at Washington School, and I want her to know how much she is appreciated.
  • Brittany is fantastic for Washington Elementary, for both students and staff. She always has a smile and is willing to help anyone at any time. She does so many things for our school that I couldn't list them all.
  • Brittany goes above and beyond for our students and staff. She is willing to help teachers and students to make our school more successful. She touches the lives of every student in the building.
  • She enhances our school environment by helping out any way she can when she is not busy. She is willing to do anything and everything she is asked. She always has a smile on her face and is so kind to the students that come to visit her throughout the day. Brittany is a lifesaver!
  • Brittany Newland is a master at everything. Not only does she take care of all our students whether they have a bump, bruise, bloody nose, headache, stomachache or lice, eek, but she goes above and beyond helping the staff as well. She is also a renowned baker, feeding the staff often with her fabulous treats!
  • Brittany is very conscientious in the health office and has a good rapport with the students. She also communicates well with myself and the staff. She shows a lot of pride for our school, for she helped to make t-shirts for all the staff and made signs for the carnival and conferences. She is willing to help out wherever needed.
  • She has a special gift of calming down the students that are in distress. She is flexible and is always willing to help whenever a need arises. The children and staff are so fortunate to have her at Washington Elementary!

Brittany officially received her award at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022. Please congratulate Brittany on this well-deserved award!