Dr. Adolph Brown, III Presents to NPS

Norfolk Public Schools invitee Dr. Adolph Brown, III  presented “Love, Light, & Insight” during the 10/12/2022 school day to the NPS student body, grades 5-12. For the past 30 years, Dr. Brown has researched, field-tested, and implemented a set of concrete strategies used to support and enhance schools and businesses. He is admired around the world for his simple, yet direct “Real Talk,” and powerful, universal, and timeless teachings. 

During his presentation, American businessman Dr. Brown shared personal experiences of getting through tough times and perseverance. He encouraged students to start thinking about making a positive impact on other students, the school, and community. 

“I really thought it was cool that Dr. Brown came to Norfolk. He demonstrated that everyone meant something and we felt it. I am thankful that we had him come to our school. Everyone matters!”, NPS student. 

“Dr. Brown’s ability to immediately connect with students and hold their attention provides an opportunity for his message to really hit home. The message about the hidden weight we are all carrying in our backpacks everyday and empowering us to “talk it out before we act it out” was just what we needed to hear. Kindness and empathy for our fellow students, staff members and community will help us heal and work together for the betterment of all,” said Erik Wilson, Director of Student Services and Safety.