March 2022 Award of Excellence Winner

Norfolk Public Schools is pleased to announce that Kris Anderson, 4th Grade Teacher, Woodland Park Elementary, is the winner of the NPS Award for Excellence for March 2022.

Thank you, Kris Anderson, for your dedication, hard work, and service to our students, staff, and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts from some of the submitted narratives of Mrs. Anderson's nomination:

  • With forty years of educational experience, I cannot think of anyone more deserving. She is a dedicated professional who has touched the lives of hundreds of students and families. I saw first hand how dedicated she was to her career. Teaching for her wasn’t just a job, it was a passion. If you spend a day in her classroom, you will quickly learn that she is firm but fair, strict yet relational, and remembering that though she teaches numerous subject areas she is really teaching children to be beneficial members of society.
  • She has always been dedicated and goes above and beyond to help every student be successful. She puts in many long hours every day in order to see children grow in their learning. This year, she even is running our before school program to help our kiddos who are behind, due to COVID, catch up.
  • I worked with Kris Anderson in many aspects in my time at Norfolk Public Schools. First as a parent, then as a teacher, and finally as an instructional coach. Kris was my daughter’s teacher in elementary school and when she graduated from NHS, Kris attended her graduation party because she still had a connection with the student she had taught eight years prior.
  • Kris is an amazing teacher! She has a great rapport/relationship with her students. She is a team player with staff and is willing to go above and beyond her duties and expectations!
  • Kris is a great person and an even better teacher. She walks around school with pride of being a teacher and you can tell she is totally genuine about everything she does. She is so friendly.
  • Kris holds her students to high expectations, while motivating and inspiring them to do their best. Krist has her students set reading goals and if they meet that goal, they get to “practice” with the men’s basketball team at Northeast Community College. The athletes have even come out to Woodland Park to talk about the importance of school. The community involvement has opened students’ eyes to hard work, dedication, and higher education.
  • My daughter had Kris as her 4th grade teacher 3 years ago. To this day, my daughter does not hesitate to sign the praises of Mrs. Anderson. She was available to talk to if I had questions and she worked hard to help my daughter in any way she needed extra guidance. I am so very thankful for her and her wonderful teaching expertise!
  • One of the things I admire the most about Kris is her desire to help ALL students succeed. It does not matter what a student's background or achievement level is, she is going to give her best effort in developing them to their greatest potential. She has so many experiences with students and has developed many tools over the years to impact student learning.
  • Kris is a great teacher. She was kind, caring, amazing, and most importantly cool! I believe in her! She was an amazing teacher and I hope that all the years to come are amazing for her!

Kris officially received her award at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, March 14, 2022.

Please congratulate Kris on this well-deserved award!