School Board Updated on Transitions Committee efforts.

The Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education learned more about the efforts of the Transitions Committee during their regular monthly meeting on 4/12/2021. The Transitions Committee includes teaching professionals from all grade levels throughout the school district.  Mr. Wilson shared that the committee has focused their efforts on closing the learning gap caused by the pandemic and strengthening the data-based decisions, interventions, and a continuation of our curriculum.  

National, state, and local studies have shown that students across the country have been greatly impacted by the interruptions in learning created by the pandemic of Covid-19.  Illness, quarantines, temporary school shutdowns, as well as economic and family situations, have made learning difficult for many students in 2020 and 2021.   The school district created the “Transitions Committee” to come up with solution based options for teachers and students to implement and combat the learning gap for local students.

Mr. Erik Wilson, Director of Student Services  & Safety, and Mrs. Beth Nelson, Director of Teaching & Learning, presented the committee’s action plan to the Board of Education. The focus areas of the plan include implementing interventions and enrichment opportunities to support students in the immediate future and beyond.

Focus areas of the plan include:

  • Summer School
  • English Language Arts Interventions 
  • Math Interventions
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Data Management
  • Equitable Access for Technology/Internet
  • Extended Learning for All with Independent Enrichment Opportunities
  • Increase in Adult Support for Students such as Tutoring, etc.
  • Social Emotional Learning

Mrs. Beth Nelson told the board, “We have set up an aggressive timeline to achieve this goal and will continue to monitor and adjust as needed.  We are focused on ending this school year strong and that proves the commitment of our hard-working staff and resilient students.”