December Focus on Students

Jefferson Elementary Junior Library Assistants shared their “love of reading” with the members of the school board, on December 10th, 2018.  Junior Library Assistants are responsible, self-directed 4th graders who assist in the everyday duties of running the library. Their work helps to keep the library running smoothly.  4th grade students who are interested fill out an application and if qualified for the position are able to help in the library when all of their schoolwork is completed.  Some of their responsibilities include:

  • shelving materials (books and magazines) in their correct location
  • collecting books for classroom teachers
  • arriving and returning to class on time
  • occasionally assisting with displays
  • process library books
  • organize and pass out overdue reports
  • other tasks as needed such as dusting
  • behaving in a professional manner (quiet, focused and helpful to other volunteers, students and adults)

Mrs. Thelen, Mrs. Turek, and Mrs. Freudenburg also shared with the NPS school board members the process and research that went into reorganizing the Jefferson library and scheduling open reading time for students