November's NPS Award of Excellence Winner

It is with pleasure to announce that Bob Beeson: 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Norfolk Junior High School is our winner of the NPS Award for Excellence for November 2018.

Thank you Mr. Beeson for all of your dedication, hard work, and service to our students and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts from some of the submitted narratives of Mr. Beeson's nomination:

  • An anonymous donation was made for the purchase of some social studies items at the Junior High.  The final price ended up being lower than anticipated and there was money left over from the gift. When the donor was asked about how they wanted to spend the rest of the funds, they said, “Ask Mr. Beeson.  He is such a great teacher. I know he’ll have some good ideas for engaging the students with the leftover funds."
  • Mr. Beeson has always been very passionate about teaching. He truly enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge about citizenship, government, history, and other areas related to social studies. 
  • Mr. Beeson cares deeply about his students and the importance of education. Bob does an excellent job of helping students set (and achieve) high expectations for themselves and others.
  • Mr. Beeson’s lessons are engaging, thought-provoking, purposeful, and relevant to student needs.
  • Over the years, Mr. Beeson has developed and refined a multitude of effective instructional strategies which has served his students well in the classroom. As an example, we are currently using his "Spark" terminology in our district Instructional Model.
  • Plus … we should all, young or old, SU / BYT/ HAP!  Every student from Mr. Beeson’s classes can tell you that stands for: Show Up, Bring Your Tools, and Have A Plan.

Please congratulate Bob on this well-deserved award!