Daycos honored as "Friend of Education"


The Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) honored Norfolk’s Daycos with the “Friend of Education Award” at the 2017 State Principals Conference in Lincoln on 12/1/2017.  They were nominated for this award for their outstanding work serving youth in the Norfolk community.

When asked to share with the selection committee some details regarding involvement with elementary education, Jefferson Elementary School Principal Angie Hausmann said “Daycos believes in giving back to their community.  Each week their employees are able to volunteer somewhere in the community while they are on-the-clock.  Many employees, including Brandon Day - owner of Daycos, choose to volunteer at Jefferson.  They prepare backpack meals, read with students, shelve books in the library and every year the Daycos staff serves Green Eggs and Ham to our students on Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Most recently we reached out when we had a family in need of clothing.  They responded generously with 5 bags of clothing. “

Mrs. Hausmann also told the committee, “In addition to generously encouraging their corporate staff to serve to meet the needs of students, Brandon and Tammy Day also help support unique opportunities at our school. They are very supportive, eager and willing to respond to the needs of our school.  They are generous in our community in addition to our schools.   One example is when the Days recognized the need for additional technology in our school a couple years ago and through work with the Connie Fund partnered with us to enable our school to be 1:1 with devices for our students in grades K-4; a donation valued at over $60,000.”  

Daycos recently launched a new corporate program called "Daycos4Good."  This program is built on the philosophy of doing good; their motto is "We want to do good to be good!"  The company invests money into an endowment and an employee committee reviews submitted proposals and chooses how the money is invested back into the community through initiatives.  Their goal is to give 10% of their revenue to these initiatives within the next ten years.

Mrs. Hausmann was very pleased to learn that Daycos received the award.  She told us “Daycos epitomizes the intent of this award.  I am so glad that NAESP recognized their outstanding commitment and recognized them with this prestigious honor!”


  1. Exemplary leadership in promoting public awareness of elementary and middle level education.
  2. Exemplary efforts providing special services and unique opportunities for children in elementary and middle level schools.
  3. Exemplary efforts becoming involved in elementary and middle level education.
  4. Exemplary efforts to support the mission of elementary and middle level schools as well as the mission of the NAESP.