Award for Excellence

Here are a few reasons why Mrs. Blum received the Award for Excellence.

Mrs. Blum is an outstanding teacher.  She is always looking for ways to improve and connect with her students.  We often hear stories of teachers who made life changing impacts on students because of their unconditional care and passion for making a difference.  Mrs. Blum is one of those teachers.

I have the highest regard for Jamie Blum as a teacher, colleague, and friend. She comes into Woodland Park each and every day ready to encourage the success of her students. She truly sees each individual student for who they are and what they can be.  

Her goal is to make each student feel cared for as an individual, and connected to their learning.  She seems to always be in tune with the newest, best practices in education, and she is always thinking up creative ways to engage and motivate students.  It is clear to everyone who works with Mrs. Blum that she truly loves what she does.