Westside Elementary in the Spotlight - 'Focus on Students'

Each year we give a short presentation to the Norfolk Board of Education to showcase what Westside Elementary has been doing, which we refer to as Focus on Students.

The Westside Elementary School students participated in the Presidential Election within their own building. The students spent time learning about each candidate and their views on a variety of topics. On Election Day, the Westside students were able to vote for President of the United States!

They followed these steps:

1. Students waited patiently in line, while other people voted.
2. Students showed their ID cards to staff and signed next to their name.
3. They entered the voting booth quietly and voted for the candidate of their choice.
4. Upon leaving the voting booth, students received an "I Voted" sticker to wear proudly.

The students shared their results with the School Board. The winner candidate in each grade was:

Kindergarten - Hillary Clinton
1st Grade - Donald Trump
2nd Grade - Hillary Clinton
3rd Grade - Hillary Clinton
4th Grade - Donald Trump

The candidate receiving the most votes for President of the United States at Westside Elementary was Hillary Clinton.

The students learned that voting is important because it is a right they have, they must select a strong president who can make our laws and their voices matter!