Introducing our new 'Book and Compass' Logo

Welcome to the new website for Norfolk Public Schools! I hope that you like our new format and find that it is easy to navigate. As we developed this site, our goal was to provide you with the information that you need as quickly and easily as possible. Please take some time to explore what is new with our website...and with NPS.

As you browse our website, you may notice that we have also created a new logo. This logo is comprised of a book, compass, and our motto "Nothing Prevents Success!"

Norfolk Public Schools is committed to ensuring that Nothing Prevents the Success of our students. Because we believe that all students are capable of learning, we challenge them to set ambitious goals and create individualized learning plans to meet those goals. These plans give students a direction for their future, as they choose from a wide-range of course-work and activities to meet their goals. Once students set their direction, our teachers work tirelessly to provide them with high-quality instruction and 21st Century Learning opportunities to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their success!

Our book and compass logo represents our commitment to providing students with high-quality individualized learning opportunities targeted to their personal goals, and our desire to ensure that students are headed in the right direction to achieving success. This logo honors our rich tradition of academic excellence and depicts our desire to prepare students for their future endeavors. However, this logo does not replace our Panther logo used for our activity programs. We still are--and always will be--Proud to be the Panthers!