Agriculture Academy Students

Agriculture Academy

The Agriculture Academy prepares students for careers in the global agriculture, food, and natural resource systems.

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Automotive Academy Student and Instructor

Automotive Academy

Students in the Automotive Academy will concentrate on parts and operation of the automobile in a realistic setting.

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Construction Academy Students

Construction Academy

The construction academy is designed to introduce students to basic construction techniques and practices.

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Drafting Students

Drafting Academy

The Drafting Academy offers students the opportunity to develop the ability to visualize objects and produce drawings.

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Metals Academy

Students in the Metals Academy will be introduced to welding safety and fundamentals of many different welding types.

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Culinary Utensils

Culinary Academy

The Culinary Academy will prepare students to join the culinary world in entry level positions.

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Early Childhood Class

Early Child Ed Academy

The Early Childhood Education Academy will prepare students for careers cooperating with children.

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Health Sciences Student

Health Sci. Academy

The Health Sciences Career Academy offers student the opportunity to gain essential skills in health care.

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Business Administration

Bus. Admin. Academy

The Business Administration Academy prepares learners for careers in business functions essential to efficient and productive companies.

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Automotive Academy Student and Instructor

Finance Academy

The Finance Academy introduces students to the process that is involved in the importance of keeping accurate records.

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IT Academy

The Information Technology industry is a dynamic working environment that has a revolutionary impact on the economy and society.

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Marketing Academy Student and Instructor

Marketing Academy

Students will explore the basic functions of marketing pricing, promotion, product planning, place distribution and the marketing mix.

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