Future of Education In Career Academies

The Presence of Educators Rising and Future of Education in the Norfolk Career Academy

“Educators Rising is a nationwide career student organization that is dedicated to growing and inspiring future teachers. With a state chapter working hard to grow it's members, Norfolk High School joins other schools in Nebraska in their dedication to the world of teaching and education. As a chapter, we are working to grow our numbers as well as provide educational opportunities for students. These opportunities include classroom observations, potential dual credit opportunities, as well as working with youth in the area. As a chapter, we have participated in various activities throughout the school to promote Educators Rising, as well as teaching expos and the state convention. We look forward to furthering our state participation as our numbers and chapter grows!” ~ Sarah Eymann

NHS Senior, Lindsey Marotz chose to do a job shadow at Westside Elementary because she aspires to be an elementary teacher. “I really enjoyed talking with the teacher, Mrs. Obermiller. She talked with me about college and gave me some pointers for when I have my own classroom.”

Lindsey is currently a member of both the Agriculture Academy and Early Childhood Development Academy and is a strong supporter of the potential of adding an Education Academy in the near future. “Career Academies have given me a lot of connections and opportunities. I am in two academies and both have given me unique opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have had if I weren’t in them, such as job shadowing or going to certain events. I think an Education Academy would be nice to expand past early childhood education. There are students who might like to be a secondary education teacher but do not have a class in high school that they can take for teaching that age.”

After high school Lindsey plans to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to pursue an Elementary Education degree. She is undecided on what endorsement she will work towards, but after college she would like to end up in a town around the size of Norfolk somewhere in northeast Nebraska.