If I Had A Pet Turkey...

This month in 1st grade we have been learning about the first Thanksgiving and comparing what the Pilgrims and Native Americans did to how we celebrate Thanksgiving today. We also talked about what we would do if we had a pet turkey.  Here is what Mrs. Mortimer’s fabulous first graders had to say…...

If I had a pet turkey…

I would name it. I would name it Nate. - Andrew
I would play with it. Then I would want to run. - Aubrey
I would name it Gary Ice Cream. It is a girl. I will love it! - Brielle
I would eat it. Yum! Turkeys are yummy! - Carter
I would play with it. I would run outside with it. - Emma
I would play with it. I would feed it vegetables. - Gabriella
I would name him Mr. Sam. I bet he will be fun. - Garrett
I will watch YouTube with it and play games with it. It will be fun! - Gavin
I will make him my best buddy. I would name him Hannah like me! - Hannah
I will throw him outside. I will put makeup on the turkey. - Isani
I will feed it. I will play with it. - Iliana
I would play all day long with him. My mom and dad would play with him too. - Jasmin
I would chase it around the house. I would play tag with it. - Jaxson
I would go running with it. I will play games with it! - Joaquin
I would eat it for Thanksgiving!!!! It would be good!!! - Julius
I would get some more turkeys. I would play with all of them! - Kairi
I would play tag with it. Then I would feed it. Then I would play with it again! - Maggie
I would play with it. Then I would feed it. I would name it Fluffy. - Marissa
It will run around. I will play with it. It would sleep on the floor. - Mason
I would tame it. I like turkeys. Turkeys are so cool! - Nadya
I will have you for Thanksgiving today. - Nolan
I would chase it. It will run fast and flap its wings. - Ryker
I would name it Red. I would run around with the turkey. - Ryuu
The turkey would be funny. It would be a bad turkey and mess up my things or get in my makeup! - Zoey