Welcome to Grant Elementary School! We are a K-4 Elementary school with an enrollment around 220 students and 21 full- and part-time teachers.

I am impressed with the professionalism of our staff and the AWESOMENESS of our students! I LOVE the excitement and encouragement that I see in our classrooms! 

AND I want YOU to become involved with the life of Grant. One great way to do this is to attend our PTO meetings, which are held the first Tuesday of each month. With support from both school and home, there's no limit to what our students can achieve!

Our PTO has created a Facebook page as well. You can find it at PTOGrantElementary/. It contains pictures, videos, and news about the students at Grant!

Another way to connect to Grant is checking this webpage and following us through Twitter. You can see some of the great things happening at school by following @GrantElemNPS. I will also be tweeting about life at Grant and you can follow me at @TroyBerryman.

Troy A. Berryman
402-644-2544 Ext. 6202