Grant Kindergarten students were rewarding for showing grit, determination, hard work, and growth on their state MAPS assessments! Students were able to earn pancakes and toppings based off of their growth throughout their Kindergarten year! Many pancakes and big smiles were to be seen in Kindergarten this week! 

Embryology Unit for ELL Students

ELL students at Grant Elementary participated in an “Embryology Unit” through the Nebraska Extension in Madison County 4-H School Enrichment Program.  Taking care of the incubator, candling the eggs, and watching the chicks hatch were some highlights of this unit.  We are having an “egg-ceptional”  time learning about the life cycle of chickens!

Third Grade News

Second semester in third grade is exploding with new concepts and events to look forward to!  First of all, third graders are working hard to master multiplication facts! Families can help by asking your child a fact at the dinner table, in the car while running errands, or before you tuck them into bed at night.

In March, we also started cursive -- another pillar of third grade! Students…

Guidance Lessons in 3rd Grade

Third graders recently learned about Wilma Jean the Worry Machine, a book by Julia Cook, which helps them learn how to deal with worry and anxiety.  After Mrs. Moreno read the book to the class, they engaged in selected activities of their choice, like the bad hair day worksheet, reading books about managing worries, mindful coloring, and yoga.  Everyone was calm and comfortable after this lesson!

A Tournament of Books

Welcome to March Madness with Grant Elementary’s First Grade Classes!

During this busy time of the year, Grant’s first graders have been celebrating their love for reading! Each day, throughout the month of March, students get to read two books with their classroom. The students take the time to decide which book they liked better and vote for their favorite! The books that win, move…

Building Reading Fluency

What is reading fluency, and how can we help students increase their reading fluency? Reading fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression.  Why is building reading fluency so important?  Better fluency leads to greater understanding.  

10 Ways to improve reading fluency
1. Read aloud to children to provide a model of fluent reading.

2. Have children…

Sprinkle Kindness Wherever You Go!

Tis’ the season to spread a whole lotta friendship and kindness! Here’s how we celebrated in Miss Cronin’s 2nd Grade: 

  • Students brainstormed a long list of adjectives that describe their friends. We then passed our Valentine bags around from student to student adding words that we felt best described that particular classmate. We ended up with bags that were not just colorful, but…

New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year from Grant 4th graders! The start of the second semester at Grant gives 4th graders the opportunity to reflect on their learning journey. It is important for students to think about where they are and where they want to be by the end of the school year. Typically, people do this by making resolutions, but at Grant it is “More or Less.” Students thought about the habits and choices…

“Grant School Goes “Wild About Reading!”

 January means time for “One Book, Grant School!” Each family receives a copy of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate and discusses questions for a chance at a fun “Ivan the Gorilla” inspired prize. Students, parents and teachers all get involved!  An excited Second grade student said, “I have the last few years of “One Book, Grant School”…

Music News

Students from Grant elementary recently performed in an all school concert on December 11.   Performing is a great way to build teamwork and confidence among students! In addition to memorizing several songs to sing, select 4th grade students learned parts on instruments.  This included drums, xylophones, wood blocks and hand bells.  The hand bell parts take extra focus and practice.  Each student…