Winter Concert!

One of the highlights each year in music class is our all-school concert!  This year, on December 19th we were able to have a winter concert at the Johnny Carson Theater.  I wanted to share a little info about how we prepare for a concert, and how it reflects what students are learning in music class. You might not realize it, but in music class we do SO MUCH more than just singing! Other big components…

How Do Plants Change as They Grow?

The first graders in Mrs. Morgan's class have been working on answering the question " How do plants change as they grow?" They read many informational texts during our Wonders Reading whole group and small group. The first graders were also able to become gardeners! They planted radish seeds. After a week they seed sprouted and grew taller. The class was able to try to sprouts. They were delicious…

Mystical Dragons

In ART, first grade students created these wonderfully colored dragons. They began the lesson by looking at several images of dragons. We talked about the history, legend and importance of the dragon in certain cultures. Through direct instruction, the students drew the basic shapes of the dragon's body. Then, using oil pastel, they were able to select their choice of patterns and lines to complete…

Third graders from Grant got INSANE over Science!

Students attended the INSANE Science Event at the Madison County Fairgrounds.  This event was put on by the Nebraska Extension.   

The students were scientists for the morning.  They learned about erosion, how Ozobots worked, made bubbles, explored with MakerSpace, listened to a presentation on Space Exploration, and read the book I Wonder about science.

The students loved doing…

Breakfast of Champions at Grant!

Research shows eating a healthy breakfast has a positive affect on improved school performance. Mrs. Bennett (Lunchtime Solutions Inc. kitchen manager at Grant) serves fruit, grains, juices and milk each morning to 140 kids! Students arrive each day knowing that a healthy breakfast will be served so they can have better attention, alertness, memory and overall better school performance!

Grant PTO Family Game Night

Grant PTO Family Game Night!

Thursday, November 7th!


Tons of book prizes!!

Don’t miss out!!

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Quarter 1 Media News

Click HERE to find out what has been happening in Mrs. Gray's Media Class 

PE News

The students at Grant elementary have been very busy in P.E. class this year. They have been working hard at learning volleyball and football. The younger students have been busy with learning how to throw both underhand and overhand. On October 5th, we had 11 students compete in the Red Ribbon Run at the Sunset Plaza mall. Two of those students placed in the race in their age divisions. Kaitlyn…

Thank You Read Aloud Norfolk

A huge thank you to Read Aloud Norfolk for gifting kindergarten and first grade students with brand new books! Grant Kindergarten students loved having Dr. Thompson as a guest reader. They loved hearing her read about the silly characters, Harold and Hog. Students will now have a beautiful book to add to their home libraries!

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Richard…

We Depend on Friends

Can you name any ways in which you depend on your friends?  Second Graders at Grant Elementary sure can! During their first week of reading lessons, students spent time reading stories, have conversations and participating in activities that helped them better realize just often we depend on our friends.  To kick off our lessons each morning, students participated in a fun partner or team challenge…