Nebraska History in 4th Grade

Good ol’ Grant fourth-graders are starting the year off learning about Good ol’ Nebraska with some hands-on activities. Students were introduced to Nebraska History by learning about the state symbols. Did you know that our state fossil is the mammoth? Well, the Grant fourth-graders know this and all the other symbols that represent our great state! Students got to see some symbols up close and…

School Supply List

School Supply List 2022-2023



Graphing with Grant Second Graders

In math, second graders at Grant Elementary are learning to read and interpret graphs. Students have used various math skills as they practiced reading bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts, and line plots. Students have flipped coins, rolled dice, sorted and collected data using M&M’s, Skittles, and Fruit Loops all while learning how to make graphs. Students also had fun collecting data from classmates…

Math Rotations Rock!

Grant 4th graders are tackling math in a collaborative setting. Each week students take a “quick quiz” to check their understanding of 4th grade math concepts. At the end of the week, students who have areas for growth have the opportunity to work in a small group setting to strengthen their skills. Students who pass the “quick quiz” work as peer tutors to help classmates as well as taking part…

DreamBox at Grant

This year, all students at Grant have the opportunity to work on a math intervention program called DreamBox. This interactive program allows students to work through math skills at their own pace and level. The goal is to accomplish at least 5 lessons per week. The lessons may take as little as 5 minutes to complete, or up to 20 minutes. This program is a great way to help students learn and grow…

Getting back in the Groove

Pictured are 4th grade students getting right back into music making after winter break! The large drums you see played are called tubano drums, a drum specially designed for ease of use by children. Grant was fortunate to receive funding this year from the Norfolk Public Schools Foundation, to purchase 2 tubanos, and some additional hand drums for our classroom. They sound great and are so fun…

Mrs. Morgan's Class is Thankful for NPS Foundation Grant!

Mrs. Morgan’s First Graders have been busy using our reading skills to learn more about science.  Through the help of a Norfolk Public Schools Foundation Grant, our class has been able to use new hands on supplies to help us learn together.  

The First graders learned about how our bodies move. They were able to put together a life size skeleton and  use Boogie Boards to label the bones. …

One Book, Grant School: The World According to Humphrey!

One Book, Grant School: January 2022:  The World According to Humphrey!

Young Artists Get Creative in Art Class

First graders started out the year studying the work of artist Piet Mondrian.  They viewed and discussed Mondrian’s most famous paintings that were created using squares, rectangles and primary colors only.  After reviewing the elements of line, shape and color in art, the students created collages inspired by the master artist.  The students did an exceptional job!

Traditions of Giving Continue at Grant

Grant Elementary students participated in two long-time holiday traditions during December. These traditions benefit our community and fill the students with pride and the sense of joy that comes from helping others. 

Before leaving for Thanksgiving break, students were sent home with a large paper Christmas tree. Families were encouraged to decorate their tree and send it back to school…