Plant Life Cycles in First Grade

The first graders in Mrs. Morgan’s first grade have been hard at work learning about plants.

As part of our Wonders reading program the class used the essential question  “How Plants Change as They Grow”,  to learn more about plant life cycles. It was wonderful to tie in science and reading together.

They read many non-fiction books, asked questions, used teamwork, problem solved…

Feeding our Students at Grant

Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Dederman and Mrs. Gnewuch serve up to 175 breakfasts and 195 lunches every day at Grant School each day. All meals served this year are free to students because of the USDA funding extension. 3rd and 4th Graders must spread out in the gym when they eat while Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd Graders all eat in their classroom this year. Students used to serve themselves vegetables…

Math is Easy Cheezy

What better way for the third graders at Grant to learn about area, then to use Cheez-Its! Each Cheez-It is one square inch. They found areas of rectangles, squares, and irregular shapes. The students had fun making their own irregular shapes. When the areas were all found, they got a yummy snack!

Voting in 3rd Grade

On November 3rd the third graders at Grant voted for President. The students had studied the voting process in reading, and then they used what they had learned to vote. It was a close election! The total votes were 16 for Joe Biden and 17 for Donald Trump. One student demanded a recount of the votes! Recount was a vocabulary word they had learned.

Hats Off to Hands-On Learning!

Hands-on learning for Mrs. Suckstorf’s Kindergarten students may look very different this year, but the importance remains the same.  Young children benefit from tactile activities where they are able to touch, manipulate, create, and problem solve. 

At Grant Elementary, my kindergarten students and I are extremely thankful for a grant received from the Norfolk Public Schools Foundation.…

PE Students Learn Volleyball

The Grant elementary students have been very busy this year in P.E. class. The kids have been working on their volleyball skills along with learning about the Husker volleyball team and how they pass, set, and serve. The students really enjoy learning about how a volleyball game is played along with working hard on all the aspects of the game. We even got outside to learn how to pass and set on…

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The best way to describe the start of the school year for second graders at Grant is BUSY! Despite the many changes to our day to day routines, a great amount of learning has been taking place. Our days are packed full of addition and subtraction, phonics skills, reading lots and lots of books, writing strong sentences, and so much more! We have even learned how to use touch chromebooks to help…

My Future's so bright, I have to wear shades!

Third graders at Grant Elementary recently read part of The Energy Bus for Kids and learned how to create a positive vision for their future. They then completed an activity in which they drew the vision they hope to have in 25 years.


Good Ol’ Grant was way too quiet for way too long.  While our young panthers were staying safe at home, the hallways were painted and a new, grand panther was “born” that has been ready to greet all who visit Grant. I am almost positive that I saw him grin as our young panthers came bustling in on their first days!

That panther was not the only one grinning!  The whole building came…


Hello Grant families!

Even though we were not able to host an Open House this year, we still wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you.

Click on this LINK to view introductory videos from our teachers!