Career Education and Social-Emotional Learning in Counseling Classes

Elementary counseling classes consist of career education and social-emotional learning.  Social-emotional learning gives students the tools they need to be good learners, and be happy, productive members of society.  Student also learn how kindness can impact their school and their world, and get to practice this!

Pictured are some of the projects that Grant students have produced as part…

Fun Science Day for Grant Students!!

Thank you to the Dan Furstenau Elementary School Science Grant!  This grant provided a fun science day for all students at Grant Elementary School!  Students enjoyed presentations from the “Mad Scientist” from Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora, Nebraska.  

Kindergarten - 2nd students learned about amazing bubbles.  Students got to see bubbles made before their own eyes. Some students were…

Helping Students Read

Understanding vocabulary is very important for learners of all ages.  At NPS, our students are being introduced to new and unfamiliar vocabulary words every day - especially in reading and math.  In order to help our students get a better grasp at this vocabulary, the resource teachers at every level and building (elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school) are using a vocabulary instruction…

“DINING WITH PIZZA HUT” (Benjamin Avenue)

Support Grant Elementary by dining out on Monday, November 26th at Pizza Hut (Benjamin Avenue Location Only) from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Technology News - Ignore & Block Pop-Ups

Ignore & Block Pop-Ups

Though NPS uses filters to block pop-ups from our school computers, we also educate the students about the hazards of clicking on pop-ups because they may encounter them when using technology outside the district.  

Pop-ups are windows that open on top of another window on a computer screen.  Advertisers are fond of using pop-up ads to encourage users to click…

Parent Survey 2018-2019

Please take a few minutes to complete the Grant Parent Survey. 

2nd Graders Study the Life Cycle of Pumpkins

Throughout the month of October, second graders at Grant Elementary have learned about the life cycle of pumpkins. Students have read non-fiction/expository text about pumpkins. Students got to be authors and illustrators and create their own pumpkin life cycle books. Students learned about different text features of non-fiction books and even applied labels to their illustrations. Students got…

Shopko Grant Received!!

Thanks to our local ShopKo store, we will again be able to have our "One Book, Grant School" program.
We have just received a $1900 grant from Shopko that will pay for copies of "The Adventures of a South Pole Pig" for our students and staff. We'll be able to afford a kickoff assembly for the students and some trivia prizes, as well!

Fitness and Fun at Grant!

Recently, Grant Elementary worked on a school wide fundraiser that involved exercise and working together to achieve goals. Students gained pledges and committed themselves to 35 laps around the Grant playground! Way to go Grant!

Technology News

Never share your private information online.

There is much concern today about sharing information online.  As a society, we tend to overshare. While social media provides us with great tools for staying in touch with family and friends, it can also expose us to dangers.  Posting pictures online that show landmarks, street signs, addresses, or businesses can provide strangers with information…