3rd Graders Pack Food for Mercy Meals

The 3rd Graders at Grant Elementary were so busy on February 12th and 13th.  Both classrooms made a visit to Mercy Meals to package food for people in need.  The food we packaged would be sent to the Philippines.  We had wonderful volunteers helping us out -  Mrs. Kube, Mrs. Rotherham, Mrs. McFarlane, Mr. Berryman, and Mrs. Rodriguez (What a trooper - she helped both days!).  

A package of food has rice, dried vegetables, soy flakes, and seasoning.  One package will serve 6 people.  Mrs. Coffin’s class filled 8 boxes that will feed 1,728 people.  Miss Gleason’s class filled 10 boxes that will feed 2,160 people.  Just in two afternoons, the 3rd graders packaged enough food to feed 3,888 people!  That is AMAZING!  It was fun helping people in need.

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