• Bruce_Strong
    Bruce Strong

Office Staff

  • Peggy_Dolliver
    Peggy Dolliver
    Secretary - Principal


  • Suzanne_Ames
    Suzanne Ames
    Title I Reading and Math
  • Kris_Anderson
    Kris Anderson
    4th Grade Teacher
  • Stephanie_Anderson
    Stephanie Anderson
    Special Education Teacher collaborating/co-teaching
  • Sheila_Arlt
    Sheila Arlt
    Title I Reading and Math
  • Denise_Bender
    Denise Bender
    Music - Orchestra Teacher
  • Amy_Berner
    Amy Berner
    1st Grade Teacher
  • Jamie_Blum
    Jamie Blum
    4th Grade Teacher
  • Susan_Bowers
    Susan Bowers
    Physical Education Teacher
  • Tonya_Carriker
    Tonya Carriker
    Teacher - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Julie_Daniel
    Julie Daniel
    Visually Impaired Teacher
  • Jolene_Groninger
    Jolene Groninger
    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Dianne_Heppner
    Dianne Heppner
    1st Grade Teacher
  • Emily_Jensen
    Emily Jensen
    Media Specialist
  • Lorraine_Jones
    Lorraine Jones
    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Mandi_Kettelson
    Mandi Kettelson
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Patricia_Lichty
    Patricia Lichty
    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Tommaso_Pagano
    Tommaso Pagano
    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Diane_Price
    Diane Price
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Bianca_Ramirez
    Bianca Ramirez
    Art Teacher
  • Dawn_Rugg
    Dawn Rugg
    Music Teacher
  • Elizabeth_Spray
    Elizabeth Spray
    HAL (High Ability Learners) Facilitator

Guidance Staff

  • Julie_Volwiler
    Julie Volwiler
    Guidance Counselor

Support Staff

  • Lindsey_Albrecht
    Lindsey Albrecht
    Speech Language Pathologist
  • Sharon_Leader
    Sharon Leader
    Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Kim_Frowick
    Kim Frowick
    Interpreter - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Vivian_Lackas
    Vivian Lackas
    Health Tech
  • Robyn_Dattilo
    Robyn Dattilo
  • Corliss_Pena
    Corliss Pena
  • Kathy_Vincent
    Kathy Vincent
    Paraprofessional - SPED/Transportation
  • Janet_Asmus
    Janet Asmus
    Paraprofessional - Classroom
  • Jennifer_Cerny
    Jennifer Cerny
    Paraprofessional - Classroom
  • Nancy_Meier
    Nancy Meier
    Paraprofessional - Classroom
  • Raylee_Vosburg
    Raylee Vosburg
    Paraprofessional - Classroom
  • Debra_Holmberg
    Debra Holmberg
    Paraprofessional - Media
  • Georgette_Sweeney
    Georgette Sweeney
    Paraprofessional - Title I
  • Jon_Potthast
    Jon Potthast
  • Greg_Putjenter
    Greg Putjenter