2022 Youth Salute

This year, 200 high school youth leaders representing 78 schools in the metro area were recognized at this year's "Youth Salute" Awards Virtual Ceremony hosted by Nebraska Wesleyan University. Teachers, guidance counselors and principals nominate students to apply to attend the Youth Salute event. In order to qualify, the student had to be a junior (senior class of 2022), have a 3.0 GPA or greater, and have held at least two (2) leadership roles to which they were chosen by their peers or an adult leader within the past two years in school, religious or community sponsored organizations.

Recipients of this award from Norfolk Senior High School are Anna Brown, Ahnika Beltz, Taelin Baumann, Pareena Ponniah, Giselle Duarte Rosas, and Alani Alvarado.  

Congratulations to these students!