NHS Academic Honors

Academic Awards and Recognition (based on the 2019-20 school year)

2019-20 NCPA/NSAA Academic All-State Awards

Each year the Nebraska School Activities Association and the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association recognize students who have been nominated by their schools, based on their individual academic excellence, leadership and significant contributions made to their NSAA activity. A nominated student must be a varsity player or organizational leader and must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 93% or 3.7 on a 4.0-point scale or the equivalent.

          Cross Country- Carson Means

          Golf- Paxton Peters

          Play Production- Lauren Bosh

          Swimming- Annika Harthoorn


Academic Achievement Award

Given to students who have a cumulative GPA of at least 94% and have completed during the previous school year a minimum of 50 credits of which 30 credits were from English, math, science, and/or foreign language.

SENIORS- CLASS OF 2021 (based on 19-20 school year): Erin Barnhill, Adam Gamerl, Gemma Mendez, Lauren Bosh, Annika Harthoorn, Colton Price, Jordyn Branz, Isaac Heimes, Makenna Skiff, Amanda Brasch, Kallan Herman, Sienna Sohler, Dustin Brenden, Karly Kalin, Jeffrey Sours, Zachary Broders, Hailey Kleinschmit, Jagger Spiering, Brynn Carmichael, Brenna Kuhl, Chelsea Strom, Paeton Coler, Benjamin Lundstrom, Abbie Summers, Grace Day, Juan Martinez, Jaydn Weber, Lauren DeFor, Lindsey McGuire, Amaya Williams, Mallory Easland, & Carson Means

JUNIORS- CLASS OF 2022 (based on 19-20 school year):  Ahnika Beltz, Wyatt Mead, Crystal Sanchez, Mya Timmerman, Anna Brown, Allison Munderloh, Erin Schwanebeck, Maggie Waddington, Danika Brown, Riley Pena, Amber Schwanebeck, Maddox Weckerle Dietz, Hope Fossum, Pareena Ponniah, Amanda Sellin, Marlee Weidner, Rylee Frohberg, Brett Reestman, Benjamin Spray, Daniel Weitzmann, Lauren Hinrichs, Hailey Reitz, Tyson Test, Tyler Wisnieski, Condie Jenkins, Arturo Sanchez, Connor Thayer, & Ryan Yost

SOPHOMORES- CLASS OF 2023 (based on 19-20 school year):  Haidyn Anderson, Isaiah Graham, Paige Pena, Yasmin Beltran, Briann Held, Kayla Petty, Stephanie Benitez, Layla Hernandez, Esther Protzman, Jack Borgmann, Noah Janke, Lucas Ransen, Kaitlyn Bos, Alexandra Jensen, Grace Reedy, Jackson Bos, Kayden Kettler, Joselyn Roberts, Kaitlyn Bourn, Tanesha King, Kyla Robinson, Savanna Cano, Cloe Klein, Abigail Ruda, Emily Carranza, Kaia Kollmar, Evelyn Russell, Abigail Chambers, Izabella Matteo, Erbey Salinas, Sailor Cipra, William McGuire, Cameryn Skiff, Sydney Easland, Maryn Mead, Daniel Sours, Erin Eisenbraun, Margaret Merritt, Makenzie Splater, Calvin Empkey, Ashlynn Millikan, Kailyn Storovich, Isaac Ferguson Naranjo, Ruby Mitchell, Carlie Streich, Ana Fuentes, Rachel Mortimer, Tania Vitales Kadlec, Tessa Gall, Ryann OBrien, McKinzie Weber, Paige Godfrey, Gabriela Paniagua DeLaCruz, & Grant Weis


All A’s Award

Given to students who have taken a minimum of ten academic semester courses with no semester grade below 94%. The award for one year is a bronze medal. For two years of all A’s, the award is a silver medal. For three years, the award is a gold medal. Four years award is a walnut plaque.

SENIORS CLASS OF 2021 ALL A's FOR ONE YEAR: Dustin Brenden, Sheila Reyna, & Sienna Sohler

SENIORS CLASS OF 2021 ALL A's FOR TWO YEARS: Jordyn Branz, Brenna Kuhl, & Chelsea Strom

SENIORS CLASS OF 2021 ALL A's FOR THREE YEARS: Grace Day, Mallory Easland, Annika Harthoorn, Karly Kalin, Benjamin Lundstrom, Lindsey McGuire, Gemma Mendez, Colton Price, Jagger Spiering, Jaydn Weber, & Amaya Williams

JUNIORS CLASS OF 2022 ALL A's FOR ONE YEAR: Wyatt Mead & Kelcie Painter

JUNIORS CLASS OF 2022 ALL A's FOR TWO YEARS: Anna Brown, Hope Fossum, Rylee Frohberg, Allison Munderloh, Pareena Ponniah, Brett Reestman, Amber Schwanebeck, Maddox Weckerle Dietz, Daniel Weitzman, Tyler Wisnieski & Ryan Yost

SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 2023 ALL A's FOR ONE YEAR: Haidyn Anderson, Yasmin Beltran, Abigail Chambers, Sailor Cipra, Sydney Easland, Erin Eisenbraun, Isaac Ferguson Naranjo, Tessa Gall, Briann Held, Noah Jahnke, Alexandra Jensen, Kayden Kettler, Cloe Klein, Ashlynn Millikan, Ruby Mitchell, Rachel Mortimer, Grace Reedy, Kyla Robinson, Abigail Ruda, Cameryn Skiff, Carlie Streich, McKinzie Weber, & Grant Weis