Norfolk FFA AgriScience Fair

February 22, 2018 - The Norfolk FFA held it’s 3rd Annual AgriScience Fair. Agriculture Education students presented their science experiments ranging from Artificial Lighting on Nocturnal Hedgehogs to the Effects of Diesel Exhaust Fluid on Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Judges from Farmer’s Pride Cooperative, Northeast Community College, Lower Elkhorn NRD, WJAG, FFA Alumni, UNL extension, and Norfolk Public Schools Foundation ranked and provided constructive criticism for the students. The judges add a communication component to the fair that allow students to learn about presentation and interview skills along with the scientific method.

The Norfolk FFA Alumni supports the program by sponsoring three cash prizes. Kari Labenz and Jordan Schaecher’s experiment comparing different cupcake qualities from gluten free flour types earned first place and $100.  Karen Volquardsen and Alyssa Cuffe received second place with a study on using different types of waters on lettuce production. The two will split the $75 cash prize. Kelcie Hall was awarded $25s and third place for conducting an experiment on how plants reduce Ammonia levels in hydroponic lettuce production.

The AgriScience Fair is a hands-on project to meet the state and national science inquiry standards and is a project through the National FFA. With a help from a grant from the Norfolk Public Schools Foundation, the top experiments will head to State FFA on April 4,5, and 6 to compete against similar projects from across the state.