Reading Will Never Lose Its True Value

Article Written by Arianne Goode

Nowadays, a lot of people seem to think that reading no longer holds value: not reading for information, but reading for enjoyment. People are so absorbed in keeping up with social media and entertainment news that they see no profit in taking time to sit through a novel. Times have changed, and society has changed with them.

Children of this century are growing up with smartphones and game controllers in their hands, not the paperback books and magazines that past generations were given. When I was a child, I did not have the same technology that is so common today, so I found my enjoyment through reading. I was always experiencing new adventures within hundreds of pages of various novels. Books tell stories that the media could never recount, and they take a person to places that only exist within the realms of one’s imagination.

With the advancing times comes a great decline in people’s wanting to read for an escape from the world. Society has become too engaged in what is latest and greatest. I believe that we must once again come to see the value that can be found in reading books. These tools can show us so much, and they can provide us with the answers that we seek. Books should not serve as simply things of the past; rather, they should be our vessel into the future.

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