Mrs. Shoemaker's News

Mrs. Shoemaker’s Kindergarten News

It is amazing to think that the holiday season is upon us! The days and months have flown by this year! We are keeping very busy in school. We had our yearly friendsgiving with the other kindergarten class. It was so much fun to wear headbands, eat together, see all the smiles, enjoy all the conversations, and best of all - spend time with friends.

I am so thankful for my kindergarten class. We have been reading books about being thankful. I asked the boys and girls to name what they are thankful for. Here is what they had to say.

Isaac- mom and dad

Willow- water

Josiah- life, food, family, friends

Giovonni-the world, the sun, life, the school, and food 

Penny- mom and dad

Avery-mom, dad, Paisley, and turkey

McCabe- mom, dad, my little brother

Deegan- my family

Kaydence- my dog, sister, friends, my grandma

Remi- mom, dad, Dawson, and Gigi

Isla- my family

Ryette- mom, dad, my dog, and water 

Cameron- the whole school

Claytyn- mom, friends, dad, the earth, my dog

Leo- friends, my dog, school, my teacher

Eli- Mrs. Shoemaker, books, my home

Lila- hugs, my family, books

Amelia- my dog, Mel, Gunnar

Brynn- mom, dad, my dog

Oakley-pets, kindness, fish, and movies

 Have  fantastic Thanksgiving!     Mrs. Shoemaker and the kindergarteners