Third Grade News

Third Grade News by Mrs. Shoemaker

Hooray, it’s finally Spring! It is so nice to get to be outside for recess again. The students need fresh air. We have been busy in our classroom with many things, from Australia packets, puzzle maps, drawing the flags of Australia and New Zealand, poetry in language, language vocabulary, and reflections, rotations, and translation in math. There is so much to cover before the end of the quarter. The students all wrote a cinquain about themselves for the newsletter.


                                 Funny, nice

                       Playing, gaming,talking

                         Loves to joke around

                                  Jack Jack


                                 Smart, active


                                 Loves sports

                                       Ty Ty


                               Creative, funny

                     Coloring, painting, singing

                               Loves to paint



                                        Wierd, funny

                               Talking, running, walking

                                Love to play with my Dad



                                    Active, athletic

                              Talking,running, gaming

                                      Very funny



                                      Caring, loving

                             Talking, drawing, swimming

                           Getting smarter and smarter



                                  Gymnast, generous

                           Cooking, drawing, handwriting

                                  Talented gymnast

                                       Gracie Goose


                                     Generous, kind

                               Dancing, cheering, racing

                                        Always happy




                                         Petite, pretty

                                Talking, running, drawing

                               Loves soccer and volleyball



                                        Loving, active

                                  Running, gaming, playing

                         Love my gymnastics team, the Flairs



                                           Sweet, loving

                                   Drawing, baking, playing

                                         Loves drawing

                                            Delilah Bee


                                          Kind, loving

                                  Running, playing, talking

                                       Growing up too fast



                                          Kind, friendly

                                  Talking, singing, playing

                                          Way too tall




                                               Cute, active

                                       Talking, playing, riding

                                            Growing too fast



                                                 Kind, active

                                    Jogging, dancing, drawing

                                              The oldest kid



                                               Brother, cousin

                                        Gaming, snacking, playing

                                               Loves to game



                                               Tall, quiet

                                  Singing, dancing, talking

                                           Loves to sing

                                              Honey bun


                                          Small, blue-eyes

                                    Daring, gaming, running

                                           I play games

                                          Brody Phoenix