Mrs. Kirschner's Media News-December

December Digital Citizenship Topic

Cyberbullying occurs when someone uses the internet to intimidate or harass another.  Because NPS 3rd and 4th graders are provided with Google email accounts, it is necessary for cyberbullying to be highly discouraged.  The NPS Internet Use Policy is discussed with these students so they understand their responsibilities when using the internet.  Please encourage all our students to use the internet for educational purposes and to send emails that carry a positive message so that none of our students experience cyberbullying.  

Cyberbullying can take the following forms:

Spreading false rumors
Cruel remarks
Threats of violence
Excluding, isolating or ignoring another person (on a systematic basis)
Tricking someone into revealing personal information and then spreading it around by e-mail or instant messenger
Putting up a Web page for the purpose of making fun of a person
Using the Internet to set up a poll to choose who is least popular, ugliest, etc.
Why Kids Use Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying in an elementary school exists for the same reason that more traditional forms of this behavior do; some children need to exert power over other people whom they perceive to be weaker or inferior in some way. Anyone with access to a computer can use technology to criticize someone they don't like. The fact that they can use a screen name gives them a certain degree of anonymity. Using the perceived shield of a screen name, they feel free to say things they would never say if they had to see the person face to face. (Cyberbullying in Elementary School)

At NPS, we teach our students to actively help put a stop to cyberbullying by reporting all cyberbullying to their teachers, parents, or other adults they trust.  No one should be allowed to hurt others or make them fear getting an email message.