Please Support the NHS Career Academies

The Norfolk Public Schools Foundation (NPSF) is proudly assisting Norfolk Public Schools with a fundraising project to raise money to implement Career Academies at Norfolk High School.  If you would like to help support this very important project please complete a pledge form and mail it to NPSF, 512 Philip Avenue, Norfolk, NE  68702-0139.  We also offer online giving for one time, or recurring, gifts to this project and many other worthwhile ones in the NPS district.

Career Academies will provide students of Norfolk High School with many college and career readiness skills.  Students will be part of a small learning community focused on a specific career topic of choice, exposure to work based learning opportunities (field trips, job shadowing, and internships), as well as student organizations to help build additional skills needed to be successful in employment upon the completion of their education plans.

Career Academies will also serve as a valuable resource to our community.  With record low unemployment, and a desire for economic development, community leaders have set workforce development as a top priority task.  The academies will aid in the continued development of a highly skilled workforce needed to sustain and grow the economy of Norfolk and northeast Nebraska, while encouraging our students to stay and reinvest in their hometown.

Please consider how you can help!  If you'd like additional information please click here to read more about the project.  If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jeff Hoffman, Career Academy Coordinator, or Sarah Dittmer, NPSF Executive Director.