New from Our Guidance Counselor

Newsletter from Guidance

Guidance classes at Washington School look a little different this year.  Instead of meeting in the library at tables, we are meeting in the old preschool room and sitting in chairs in a circle.  Although we were a little squirrely at first, all grades have figured out how to come in and sit quickly and quietly in a circle. 

Fourth graders are learning about how to be good leaders and to show gratefulness.  And they have learned that Mrs. Brtek is grateful for her mocha frappuccino.

Third graders are learning about thinking positively while riding The Energy Bus with Mrs. Brtek.  They even got tickets to ride the bus so watch for them to be thinking more positively about their days.

Second grade has been busy learning to be attentive and focus on the person or task in front of them.  Distractions can impair our learning, so we are tuning in to help our brains and also to show respect to the person talking to us. They are also working on social skills and doing a task the first time they are asked without complaining.  Hopefully, you will notice this at home when it is time to do the dishes or take out the trash!

First grade is learning how to listen and to understand feelings. We drew pictures to show Happy, Sad, Anger, and Surprise.  Continue this conversation at home by asking your child how they are feeling at different times. They might just surprise you with a feeling word that you didn’t know they had in their vocabulary.

Kindergarten is learning how to listen. We have also played a few exhilarating rounds of Hot Potato where we are learning about good sportsmanship and that we can’t always win, but we can be happy for the winner.

Tara Brtek

 Guidance Counselor