Miss Hart's Classroom News

This month in 3rd and 4th grade we have been exploring a variety of new skills! In math students have been exploring fractions & division. Third grade students have been working to compare fractions, as well as demonstrating equivalent fractions using fraction tiles. Fourth grade students have been mastering their long division skills through the use of racks and tubes and the stamp game. They have also been practicing adding and subtraction with fractions. We have also started working with decimals, and as we move into April we will continue to explore this concept more. 

In language students have been learning about conjunctions and pronouns, and how to use them in their writing. Students have also been exploring the meanings of different words through their practice with homophones. We have been practicing determining the point of view of a story, as well as different forms of figurative language (idioms, hyperbole, personification, similes, and metaphors) that we come across in stories. 

We have been working on research writing! Each student has been working on writing about a notable Nebraskan from our history. Students have been busy at work researching their famous Nebraskan, and writing a report about their life. Students have enjoyed getting to share their knowledge with their classmates as we read through our Nebraska history book and we come across their famous Nebraskan!

Students have been learning about force and motion in science. We have discussed simple machines and different examples of these that we use in our everyday lives. We have gotten some new cultural studies items in our classroom that students have enjoyed getting to use as they learn about these new concepts! In Nebraska History we have been reading about our government and the constitution. Students participated in a “Bake-Off Scavenger Hunt” in which they traveled around the room learning about the Bill of Rights. To conclude our activity students each got to enjoy a special treat after finding all the correct ingredients (answers) during our scavenger hunt. We will continue to explore our government on a more local level in the month of April, as we prepare students for their trip to the state capitol in May! 

Overall our classroom has been filled with lots of learning this month. We look forward to more learning as we go into our fourth quarter! Happy April!