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Join this Facebook group to Adopt a Teacher or I have also attached the link below specifically for our Montessori Teachers (either click the link or copy and past the link into your browser):

(Taken from the FB post) As school is about to start, there are a lot of teachers in our community that are reaching into their own pockets to fill their classrooms with supplies. I would like to start this group so that teachers can post their needs and hopefully individuals, family's, and businesses can help take a little of that burden from the educators that we so desperately need/want to take our children back right now!

- Teachers : Join the group and please post a list of things you may need for your classroom this up coming year. These things can be basic (pencils, crayons, paper) or more elaborate (bean bag chairs for reading corner, books, learning toys for younger kids, rugs)
-Everyone Else : Scroll through the lists of our children's teachers needs. If you see a need that you can help to meet, contact that teacher and make arrangements to meet with their items .
Teachers : Once one or all of the items on your list has been provided, please remove your list or the items that were taken care of so that other teachers get the chance to be adopted.
I would love to keep this group specifically for Norfolk NE, but I encourage other communities to start a group like this for their teachers!
This is also all new to me so be patient if you have any questions! I hope everyone can be generous and kind to all our teachers that are going back to work with great anticipation & uncertainty right now!

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