Ms. Bennett's Art Class

Ms. Bennett's Art Class


         As always, the students here at Lincoln have been busy in art class!  In Kindergarten, students create artworks inspired by master artists. For their first art lesson we learned how to draw a doodle.  Inspired by the works of Paul Klee, the students then turned their doodles into creative artwork.

              1st grade started the year with a pizza party by creating yummy looking pizza collages.  These are displayed out on the wall near the art room for everyone to enjoy. 

 The 2nd graders went right to work painting an autumn twilight pumpkin.  Color mixing and painting skills were utilized to create these awesome pictures. Be sure to visit the halls on the second floor to see them when they are finished!

          3rd graders just finished their self portraits that were inspired by the work of legendary Paul Klee.  The students began with a black and white portrait then used colored tissue paper to give them a splash of color.  Each portrait is unique and will be displayed near the art room very soon.

         4th graders are close to completing their chalk pastel paintings, inspired by the master artist Vincent Van Gogh.  This is a great project to begin with because they review color schemes and practice skills using chalk with tempera paint  

       As you can see, art classes have been busy!  We have very creative students here at Lincoln school and I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to help them grow as artists!