If I had a $100 bill I would...

In preparation for the 100th day, the Kindergartners did a writing assignment to “If I had a $100 bill I would…..”

buy a bunch of toys. Coby

buy 100 toys.  Damian

buy a golden retriever dog.  Aiden

save it until I had $1000. Julian

buy stuff for other people.  Israel

spend it on a lot of toys.  Karsyn

buy a Nintendo switch.  Cole N.

donate it.  Kendall B.

go to the pet store and get a kitty. Lily

go back on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Ruby

buy a kitty puzzle.  Corrin

buy a chair with red roses and a rainbow.  Tucker

buy a guitar to play music.  Cole V.

buy a horse with a pretty mane.  Amaris

buy a fast, red car.  Andy

buy a BB hoop for my door.  Jace

buy a Nintendo switch.  Myles

buy black, up shoes.  Devyn

buy 3 pairs of red shoes. Xander

buy a guitar.  Leighton

buy a lego friends fire station.  Kendall H.

buy a mansion with elevators and a pool.  Charley Jane

buy a purple, glitter clipboard.  Elise

buy brown boots. Hadley

buy a Ninjago Temple Lego set.  Hayden