Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News…

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We are having an AMAZING year!  We are excited to share that so much learning has been taking place in our classroom in these almost 100 days we have spent together!  Please enjoy reading about these super students.

We have learned….

To be kind to others.-Olivia

To be a good listener..- Isabella

Our numbers to 100. - Amelia

To be respectful. - Joaquin

To write a sentence and end it with a period. - Elijah

How to read. - Liam

Help others. - Gavin

The 100 boards. -Elyn

IXL on the computers - Ellie

To read books. - Colbie

To color our best and stay in the lines. - Madison

To count to 20. - Sophia

EVERYTHING!  But, my favorite thing I learned is the 100 Board. - Abram

To count with the apple tree job. - Marshall

To line up standing straight and hands to ourself. - Kinley

To do reading drawers. - Tate

Computer programs like Learning Server on the computers. - Edward

To do reading folders. - Khloe

How to play on an iPod. - Onyx

To make new friends. - Jade

To read our sight words. - Mason

We get to color up for good choices and color down for poor choices. - Noah

To be nice to our classmates. - Josie

To make good choices and good friends. - Kalub

To sit quietly. - Paislee

That Kindergarten kids are the  greatest! - Mrs. Marsden