Montessori Music News

Kindergarten students have been busy learning many new things in music!  We know about steady
beat, simple rhythm patterns, fast and slow, loud and soft, and voice choices.  We enjoy singing
seasonal songs with actions and also playing instruments.
The first and second grade students are learning to read music and are able to recognize many kinds of notes and symbols in their songs!  We enjoy playing a pumpkin game where the students
demonstrate skills as they clap rhythm patterns.  Another favorite of ours is Pumpkin Stew!  They completed a music, writing, and drawing activity and put many fun and scary things in their stew!
The third and fourth grade students are also busy in music!  We are learning about solfege,  ostinatos, sixteenth notes, and D,C. al Fine, and singing two-part canons just to name a few.
We enjoy playing the Orff instruments while singing a Halloween song in a minor key.
We are having an awesome year in Montessori Music!
Mrs, Nissen
K-4 Music Instructor
(December 7 - Winter Concert at 7:00 p.m. Jr. High Auditorium)