Why I want/don't want to be a Principal

1st/2nd Grade - Mrs. Vanness


This past week we were doing a continent study of South America.  This led to a discussion on leaders of our country, state, city and school.   I asked the students if they would like to be principal of Lincoln/Montessori and after hearing some of their answers, I decided it would make a great journal prompt.  Below are some excerpts from our journals stating the reasons it would be great to be a principal, and some reasons why it would be…..well……. not so great!  Enjoy!!

 I would like to be a principal:

Bennelle:  I would get rich.  I would buy a lamborghini.

Maci:  I would like to be a principal just like Mr. Berryman.  I could make kids brains smarter.

Daxton:  I would go into classrooms and give hard workers golden tickets.

Grace:  I would have an office.  I would not have to share.

Kendyl:  I could walk around and talk to kids.

Henry:  I would want to take pictures with kids.

 I would NOT like to be a principal:

 Kinzey:  I want to be a farmer instead.  Principals can’t go outside much.

Jaxson:  It would be hard, just think of it….I don’t want to talk to angry kids right?  They would not talk, just kick the chair.

Julian:  I would have to sit in my office all day.  I would rather play outside.

Alayna:  I would do a lot of paperwork,  My hand would get tired and my arms and my eyes would get tired.

Kaylee:  You would be in your office all day.

Reyse:  It is hard work and it is boring.

Matthew:  I want to be a lumberjack when I grow up.

Berlin:  Pets aren’t allowed in school.

Kinley:  I don’t want to be the boss of the teachers.

Peyton:  I want to be a police officer when I grow up.

Zoe:  Being a principal is boring.

Anthony:  I would rather be at home.

Xander:  I would not get paid much, then I wouldn’t be able to get a lamborghini.

Lillian:  It is hard work and I just want to stay home.

Kaleb:  I would rather be a famous football player.