Music News

Students from Grant elementary recently performed in an all school concert on December 11.   Performing is a great way to build teamwork and confidence among students! In addition to memorizing several songs to sing, select 4th grade students learned parts on instruments.  This included drums, xylophones, wood blocks and hand bells.  The hand bell parts take extra focus and practice.  Each student is responsible for one or more notes.  They must know how to read music to follow their parts carefully.  When each student plays their bell at a certain time, the notes combine together to create chords and melodies.  I was incredibly proud of the work and concentration they put in! 

 Our concert also featured select 3rd graders performing a folk dance. Folk dance is a great way to teach children timing and phrasing in music, and well as foster a sense of community in the music class.  Not to mention it’s FUN!

One more item featured in the concert was a movement routine by 2nd grade, using plates to add visual interest.  Adding movement helps children follow a piece and recognize the various sections and repeats in music.  

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the concert!  It was a GREAT experience with GREAT great students!!