Keeping the beat with instruments and apples

One of the most important foundations of a student’s musicianship is learning to maintain and follow a steady beat.  It is so important for playing and singing together in a group!  In elementary music, especially the primary grades, we practice this A LOT. To keep students engaged and make it fun I use a variety of songs, games, props and instruments.  Here you see first graders playing a favorite singing game, Apple Tree. Once a student is “out” they get to tap the apple to the beat, then go play the steady beat on an instrument for the next round.  Another fun way for individual students to show their skills is by tapping the beat on a pointing page.  Here a first grader is showing the beat using an apple pointer and tapping the pictures of trees and apples in time with the music. Fall is a great time to bring out the apple songs and keep the beat going!