Nebraska History in 4th Grade

Good ol’ Grant fourth-graders are starting the year off learning about Good ol’ Nebraska with some hands-on activities. Students were introduced to Nebraska History by learning about the state symbols. Did you know that our state fossil is the mammoth? Well, the Grant fourth-graders know this and all the other symbols that represent our great state! Students got to see some symbols up close and personal, including our state rock, Prairie Agate, and state gemstone, Blue Agate.

Students also learned how historians use primary and secondary sources to determine how things happened in the past. Students analyzed examples of arrowheads and rocks that were used as tools by native Nebraskan tribes. Fourth-graders were also amazed when they listened to excerpts from a World War II soldier’s diary. The soldier recorded how he flew fighter planes to help the Allied forces defeat Germany. It was a very exciting read!

These hands-on examples helped history come alive and excite the learners! The students are looking forward to knowing more about our great state!