Amazing Apples!

Apple Straws, apple butter, dried apples, homemade applesauce, and fresh apple slices brought smiles to the faces of Miss Cronin’s 2nd Graders throughout September. In reading, students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts about apples. We then tied in our science and text features by labeling a diagram showing the parts of an apple and another showing an apple’s life cycle from seed to apple. Tasting apples - one red, one green, one yellow - and determining our favorites was a highlight! Our class graph helped us discover that we LOVE green apples most of all. After gathering all that background information, in writing students used adjectives to create descriptive poems and then they practiced their organization skills by writing their very own book called ‘The Life Cycle of an Apple.’ To wrap up our tasty unit, we learned a bit about Johnny Appleseed and tried our hand at drawing the infamous man! It was definitely a sweet topic to learn about!