Fourth Graders Thankful for Church Partnership

At the end of November, Grant Elementary students got to choose a book from Scholastic Book Clubs. We were excited because the First United Methodist church was buying books for the whole school! The church does this for us in December and May of every school year. After we chose our books, we couldn’t wait for them to come. The book I got was called Rescue Dogs. It is about a dog named Jet.

When the books finally arrived, we were so excited! As soon as we got the books we started reading them. To show how happy and thankful we were, students made gifts for the church. The fourth-graders made gingerbread house cards and stained glass window decorations. The church said that they would give our gifts to their members that are in nursing homes. We made our projects to help cheer up the residents since they can’t see their families right now. 

All of the students and staff are thankful for the partnership that our school has with First United Methodist Church. They are the best! 

 Written by April G. - 4th grade student