Students Research Presidents in Second Grade

Second Graders at Grant Elementary took a look back in time during the month of February.  In honor of President’s Day, students read a number of stories, both fiction and non-fiction, about presidents.  Each student then selected either Washington or Lincoln to research on their own. Using their new information, each child created their own mini biography report, including everything from a table of contents and facts to text features and a sources page.  They learned a lot and had so much fun along the way. Here are a few things they learned:                              

“George Washington liked cornmeal pancakes.” -Kassidy
“George Washington had always had fake teeth.” -Jorge
“George was a soldier.” -Abel
“Abraham Lincoln was so honest he got the name ‘Honest Abe’.” -Destry
“Lincoln had to support his family when he was growing up.” -Lennon
“Abraham Lincoln was poor when he was young.” -Belinda